Housing needs survey: Braunston parish

Closed 19 Sep 2021

Opened 16 Aug 2021


West Northamptonshire Council is conducting a housing needs survey in Braunston parish.

We are carrying out an important study of the housing needs and requirements of all residents who have a close connection to Braunston parish through current or past residency, work or close family.

What is a housing needs survey?

Housing needs surveys are completed to help identify current and future housing need at a local level.

The information collected from the surveys helps the council to understand and work towards improving the housing supply to meet these needs, and looks at whether the area needs market housing, affordable housing, or both. 

Why is this survey focused on Braunston parish?

Braunston parish is a rural area situated within West Northamptonshire. The parish includes Braunston village and is approximately 4 miles northwest from the centre of Daventry.

West Northamptonshire Council completes a rolling review of surveys of different parish areas prioritised broadly on the population and the last time a survey was completed. Braunston's last survey was completed in 2013 and requires updating as the last survey is out of date.

Who can take part in this survey?

This housing needs survey is open to individuals who have a close local connection to Braunston parish, either through:

  • Currently living in the parish,
  • Currently working in the parish,
  • Having close / immediate family living in the parish, or
  • Having previously lived in the parish

What happens next

The results to this survey will be collected and analysed in a report which will be made available to view online.


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