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For information about consultations before 1 April 2021, please visit the West Northamptonshire Council website.

Open consultations

Local area planning consultations

  • Cottesbrooke Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan Consultation

    West Northamptonshire Council is reviewing conservation areas in the Daventry area, as well as considering new designations. A draft appraisal and management plan has been prepared for the Cottesbrooke Conservation Area. We would like to hear the views of residents, the community and all... More

    Closes 17 January 2022

Recently closed activities

  • Project Gigabit: Open Market Review

    An Open Market Review request for information from broadband network providers operating in intervention areas identified in the second release of Phase 2 of Project Gigabit. The Government is on a mission to deliver lightning-fast, reliable broadband to everyone in the UK and is investing... More

    Closed 22 November 2021

  • Article 4(1) Directions for conservation areas at Everdon, Flore, Kilsby, Little Everdon, Pitsford, Staverton, Weedon and Welford consultation

    As the local planning authority, West Northamptonshire Council is consulting on Article 4(1) Directions for eight conservation areas in the Daventry area of West Northamptonshire. West Northamptonshire Council is undertaking a second consultation on the Article 4(1) Directions for... More

    Closed 9 November 2021

  • Have your say on bus lane enforcement at Weedon Road / St James’ Road, Northampton

    West Northamptonshire Council is seeking views on its Bus Lane Enforcement Scheme as part of a review of the arrangements for Northampton Town. We would like to hear your views about current enforcement in the Weedon Road / St James’ Road area of Northampton. The... More

    Closed 2 November 2021

  • Emergencies: How prepared are you?

    As part of the national #30Days30WaysUK campaign, September is Preparedness Month and we run an annual survey to find out how prepared people are for emergencies that may happen. Since 2015, the 30Days30WaysUK campaign aims to inspire and empower people to be more ‘emergency ready’. ... More

    Closed 31 October 2021

  • Great Houghton Neighbourhood Plan Regulation 16 consultation

    West Northamptonshire Council has a legal responsibility to undertake a consultation on the submitted version of a neighbourhood plan. Great Houghton Parish Council submitted their final version of the Great Houghton Neighbourhood Development Plan to West Northamptonshire Council in August... More

    Closed 25 October 2021