Community Governance Review Phase 2 Consultation

Closes 28 Jul 2024

Opened 26 Apr 2024


We are conducting a community governance review (CGR). This is a process for reviewing parish and town council boundaries, deciding how many councillors a parish council should have, and other local governance related arrangements. It is not a review of West Northamptonshire Ward boundaries or Parliamentary Constituency boundaries.


West Northamptonshire Council is responsible for parish electoral and governance arrangements within West Northamptonshire. Parish governance arrangements include town and parish council boundaries, the number of councillors each town or parish council has, arrangements for parish wards and meetings of groups and parish councils.

A Community Governance Review is an opportunity to address certain issues which could have arisen due to population changes and shifts in ‘natural settlements’ caused by new development or historical issues that have not been addressed previously.

A review offers an opportunity to reflect identifiable communities and to remove any parish boundary anomalies that may exist. Community governance arrangements should reflect local identities and support effective local government.

Further information: What is a Community Governance Review

A Community Governance Review allows us to review and make appropriate changes to the existing governance arrangements of parish and town Councils, in order to ensure that: 

  • Parish governance is robust, representative and able to meet new challenges; and 
  • There is clarity and transparency to the areas that parish/town councils represent and that the electoral arrangements of parishes are appropriate, equitable and readily understood by their electorates. 

The review can include: 

  • Abolishing, creating, merging or altering parishes,  
  • Changing the name of a parish or set the style of a new parish Council, 
  • Altering the boundary or warding arrangements of one or more existing parish, 
  • Bringing a number of parishes together as a grouped parish council, and 
  • The electoral arrangements for parishes such as the number of parish councillors

The review cannot:

  • Alter the West Northamptonshire Council boundary. 
  • Make changes to the electoral arrangements of an existing parish where those arrangements have been made as part of an electoral review (conducted by the Local Government Boundary Commission for England). In such instances, the Council must seek consent from the LGBCE.
  • Make changes to principal area wards.

Not every area of West Northamptonshire is affected, but we do want to hear from those living in the areas affected, and other interested parties, on the most suitable ways of representing the people in the parishes identified in the review. This means making sure that those affected, and other interested groups, have a say in how their local communities are represented. 

The proposals for change that are being consulted on during this phase of the review have arisen as a consequence of changes made by the Local Government Boundary Commission for England (the Commission) during the recent review of the Council’s boundaries, as well as suggestions put forward by citizens, parish councils, district councillors or other interested parties.

Table of parishes that have proposals and other affected parishes

The following table shows other parishes that could be affected by the proposals to the parish.


Affected parishes




Brington, Althorp

Boughton – Dixon Road Ward


Boughton – North and West of Boughton Parish

Moulton, Pitsford



Clay Coton

Lilbourne, Yelvertoft


Guilsborough, Creaton



Dodford and Weedon Bec




Kings Sutton and Newbottle

Middleton Cheney

Little Houghton and Great Houghton


Moulton – Moulton Leys

Northampton, Overstone

Moulton – Moulton and Overstone 


Northampton – Abington Vale and Weston Favell








Roade and Stoke Bruerne




Thorpe Manderville






West Hunsbury


Wootton and Hackleton


Wootton and Hardingstone


Stages of review and consultation

Following guidance issued by the Government and the Commission, we carried out a consultation during the summer of 2023 to identify requests from parishes who wanted to make certain changes to their governance arrangements.

Following this consultation, the Council launched a formal Community Governance Review and undertook the first phase of consultation from November 2023 to the end of January 2024. This phase of consultation focused on parishes where the potential to change governance arrangements had been highlighted and other areas where changes could be necessary to ensure consistency with the Council’s own boundaries.

We are now carrying out the second phase of consultation. This phase will focus on the draft recommendations formed following analysis of the outcome of the first phase of consultation.

When consulting on these proposals, the Council must take account if whether the proposed change would better reflect local identities and interests and provide effective and convenient local government before making a final decision.


The council has to complete the Community Governance Review within 12 months from when it publishes the Terms of Reference. The Terms were agreed and published following Full Council 28 September 2023.




Commencement of CGR – Terms of Reference Published

29 September 2023

Initial consultation stage (phase 1)

28 November 2023 to 31 January 2024

Draft recommendations prepared

27 January 2024 to 26 April 2024

Current stage: Draft recommendations published with Second stage (phase 2) consultation on draft recommendations

26 April 2024

Consultation: 25 April to 28 July 2024

Final recommendations prepared

26 July 2024 to 23 September 2024

Final Recommendations considered and approved by full Council

29 September 2024

Community Governance Order(s) made

Between October and November 2024

New community governance arrangements come into force

1 May 2025

How to provide your views

We are inviting views from residents, parishes and stakeholders.

You can provide your views and make your submission by:

  • Completing the online questionnaire using the link below, by entering the survey you will find detailed information about each proposal as well as maps where relevant,
  • Emailing:
  • Writing to us at:
  • Community Governance Review
  • Electoral Services
  • West Northamptonshire Council
  • The Guildhall 
  • St Giles Street
  • Northampton
  • NN1 1DE

Related information and Documents

Guidance on Community Governance Reviews and FAQs 

If you have any queries, comments or would like a copy of this questionnaire in another format you can contact us by email at

This consultation closes at midnight on Sunday 28 July 2024.

For information about how your responses are managed please see the Consultation and Engagement Privacy Notice.

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