Hackney Carriage fares increase proposal 2022

Closes 17 Oct 2022

Opened 22 Sep 2022


Under the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976 Section 65, West Northamptonshire Council is providing a 14-day notice period, inviting responses on a proposal to increase taxi fares across West Northamptonshire.

Why are we proposing the change?

Cabinet members have considered the alignment of fares for taxi drivers across West Northamptonshire. A proposed new table of increased fares has been prepared, discussed and supported at the Cabinet Meeting of the Council held on the 13th September 2022. 

Tariffs across Daventry, Northampton and South Northants areas have not been raised for several years. The last tariff increases were 2008 in the South Northamptonshire area, 2013 in the Northampton area and 2019 in the Daventry area. Drivers are also experiencing running cost difficulties due to the fuel price increase and cost of living crisis.

Summary of proposed changes:

  • The average fare for Northampton and Daventry will have an increase in the day tariff from 20p to 24p with a minimum charge of £2.40 based on a measurement of distance and time (otherwise known as per unit)

  • Northampton and Daventry areas will also have an increase for nights, Sundays and Bank Holidays from 20p to 30p with a minimum charge of £3.60 based on a measurement of distance and time (otherwise known as per unit)

  • The variation aims to bring all charges in line with each other for the whole of the West Northamptonshire

The tariff sets the maximum that licensed taxis can charge, however, each driver can determine if they would like to charge less. 

Private Hire Operator Companies set their own tariffs according to market forces.

Proposed variation

The Notice is downloadable, copies of the notice are also held at West Northamptonshire Council, One Angel Square, Angel Street, Northampton, NN1 1ED

Have your say

You can give your views in writing using the contact information below.

For further information or you have any questions about this consultation, or if you require information in an alternative format please contact us using the same details below.

What happens next

Following the 14 day notice period, if no objections have been received, the proposed tariff will have come into effect immediately. Anyone can object to the proposed new tariff, by responding within this notice period.

Should there be objections to the notice, WNC will consider and decide if changes are required. Following this, a date for when the new fares come into operation can then be set and will come into effect no later than two months after the notice period has ended.

This consultation will run from 22 September 2022 to 17 October 2022. 

For information about how these responses are managed, please see the Environment Health, Protection and Licensing Privacy Notice.

Have your say

Please submit any objections or views in writing for the Hackney Carriage fares increase proposal to:

Email: licensing.nbc@westnorthants.gov.uk


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