Overview and Scrutiny Consultation: Management of Trees

Closed 24 Apr 2022

Opened 28 Mar 2022


West Northamptonshire Council has an activity called Scrutiny where Councillors look at issues affecting the people of West Northamptonshire or how the Council works and makes recommendations.

The Scrutiny Committee has set up a task panel to look at the way the Council manages trees – both trees it owns and those where it has a regulatory role through the planning system – and how trees can best help improve West Northamptonshire in the future.

We would like your thoughts on these issues, whether you are a resident of West Northamptonshire, someone who works here, a business in West Northamptonshire or an interest group.

Your answers will help the Council shape a new Tree Policy & Strategy and so guide the way trees are managed across West Northamptonshire.

How to have your say

Please tell us your views by completing this questionnaire. Your feedback will be part of a report with many other people’s feedback, so you will not be personally identified.

You do not need to answer all the questions, and you are welcome to reply in relation to the places or things you know most about rather than the whole of West Northamptonshire.

Alternatively, you can email or send your comments in by post using the contact details below.

If you have any queries, comments or would like a copy of this questionnaire in another format (including paper) you can contact us by email or post. Our contact details are as follows:

Email address:democraticservices@westnorthants.gov.uk

Telephone: 01604 837722

Postal address: 

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This consultation will run from Monday 28 March to midnight on Sunday 24 April 2022.

For information about how consultation and engagement responses are managed, please see the consultation and engagement privacy notice.


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